'Dig a Little Deeper'

These Special Interest Themed Walks are offered each month, usually on the second Sunday, commencing at 2.00 pm, weather permitting. This Year (2022) we have some special event walks, please note the different starting times of these walks.

Meet your Volunteer Guide on the front steps of the Botanic Gardens. 

Gold coin donation.

Sunday, February 13,  2.00 pm: 'Perennial & Silver Border'
GBG has a colourful display of perennial plants and silver plants on its borders. Come and learn about the value of these plants that not only give a great display but help to conserve water in our gardens.

Sunday March 13: 200 pm -Themed Walk topic TBC
Sunday March 20: 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm - 'Geelong Design Week'

Sunday, April 10, 2.00 pm: 'The Plant Legacey of Gondwana'
What does Australia share with Africa, India, New Zealand, South America and New Caledonia?  We were all once joined to Antarctica in the southern supercontinent of Gondwana and have a common plant ancestry from that time. This walk will introduce you to this Gondwana heritage.





Sunday, May 8, 11.00 am and 2.00 pm: 'Changing Planet. Changing Plants: Plant Adaptation'
Many plants have developed impressive features for coping with drought conditions. These adaptations are vital in a time of climate change. We will explore some of the plants in Geelong Botanic Gardens demonstrating the strategies which they employ. You may be inspired to alter the character of your garden!

Sunday, June 12, 2.00 pm: 'Heritage Trees'

Sunday July 10, 2.00 pm: 'Eastern Park Walk'

Sunday August 14, 2.00 pm: 'Wattle It Be'

Sunday September 11, 2.00 pm: 'Plants of China'     

Sunday October 9, 2.00 pm: 'Australian Plants in Flower'
Australian plants are at their glorious best in Spring, so that seed can be set and the plant retire for the heat of summer.  A walk in October will catch many plants at their peak in the Geelong Botanic Gardens. 

Sunday November 13, 2.00 pm: 'Green Spine'