The Geelong Botanic Gardens Revealed

April 30 - June 19 2016.  Open Daily 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. This is the first time that our artists have held an exhibition at the prestigious Geelong Art Gallery and the works all reflect the close connection between the artists and the Gardens. 
A world of mysterious, rare and unusual plants is growing in our historic public Gardens. Investigate this living collection from a new perspective—the art of botanical illustration.
Explore the subtleties of form, pattern and texture of selected species through the work of botanical artists from the Friends of Geelong Botanic Gardens. These works provide an intimate view into the world of plants.

Gold - Botanical Imagination

December 2015.  The Exhibition is the result of the Friends’ School of Botanical Art workshops dedicated to study of gold leaf technique and the methods to apply it to stylised botanical subjects produced during the year.  


November 2014.  The Exhibition - Vessels uses the tradition of decorating china, porcelain, glass etc with motives from nature in a two dimensional form onto paper.  The artists' work depict many interpretations of this art form.  

There will be an opportunity to purchase original works, prints, cards and bookmarks.

Inspired By Nature 3 - 2013

October 2013.  Biennially, the Friends of Geelong Botanic Gardens holds Inspired by Nature, an exhibition of the Geelong School of Botanical Art.  In 2013, work by approximately 20 students was displayed and selected work by our tutors was also exhibited.

During the 2013 exhibition period, the FGBG also collaborated with Christopher James and Sogetsu Ikebana. Sogetsu used seasonal plant material and items collected from the Geelong Botanic Gardens, inserting weekly displays in the gallery.



Inspired by Nature 4 - 2015

October 2015. The School of Botanical Art at the Geelong Gardens has been buzzing over the past few months as artists make their final preparations for Inspired by Nature 4.  This much anticipated biennial event in the Friends’ calendar goes on show throughout October at Geelong’s Wintergarden.  Around twenty-five artists and tutors will come together to exhibit work completed over the past two years. 

The Botanical Art School has been operated as one of the Friends most important activities.  Established by Margaret Muffet, it has been operated by the Friends since 2007; this wonderful program offers people an opportunity to explore and learn about the world of plants, a place where art meets science. 

As in past exhibitions, the style and subject range of Inspired by Nature 4 will be incredibly diverse and presented in a variety of formats.  Most of us do not realize it often takes two or three seasons for an artist to finish an individual work.  The world of plants and flowers is transient – once a specimen is selected it must be analyzed and sketched then translated onto paper for completion.  In between collection and recording, the original flower may have wilted, its life cycle finished.  The artist will often wait a full year before they can again work directly from a freshly picked specimen.

This is the fourth exhibition in the ‘Inspired by Nature’ series, and the second season that it has been curated by Jill Shalless from art@wintergarden.  Much of the plant material featured has been sourced from the Geelong Botanic Gardens; works will represent artists at many levels from highly skilled to beginner.  For some, this will be their first exhibition.  The Friends invite you to visit the gallery and join the artists on their wonderful botanical journey.

In conjunction with Inspired by Nature 4, an exhibition of delicate ceramics created by Melinda Solly will also be on show.  This local Anglesea artist is creating the most exquisite pottery, exploring botanical form and playing with light and shadow, as it exists in nature.  The Friends of Geelong Botanic Gardens is delighted to be sharing October art@wintergarden with Melinda.

Inspired by Nature 5 - 2017


1-29 October, Wintergarden Gallery, open daily 10.00 am to 4.00 pm

Inspired by Nature 5 is an exhibition of exquisite Botanical Art celebrating the Geelong School of Botanic Art. Visit art@wintergarden, 51 McKillop and enjoy a coffee in the café and the world of botanic art upstairs in the gallery.

Official Opening Sunday 1 October at 3.00 pm with Jason Smith (Director, Geelong Gallery).   Invitation only.

Floor Talk Saturday 14 October 3.00 pm with John Pastoriza-Piñol (International Artist and Tutor)

Inspired by Nature 6 -2019

The Friends of Geelong Botanic Gardens are pleased to present the sixth biennial Inspired by Nature exhibition showcasing over eighty watercolour paintings and pencil drawings representing works by twenty-nine artists from the Geelong School of Botanical Art. Many of the artists have received numerous awards and are represented in botanical art collections both nationally and internationally. The artists attend classes at Geelong School of Botanical Art, managed by the Friends of Geelong Botanic Gardens. All enquiries to the Friends’ office.  Ph. 5222 6053 or info@friendsgbg.org.au

August 1 - August 30   10.00 am - 4.00 pm Monday - Friday

Official opening 2 August 6.00 - 8.00 pm
with  guest speaker Gordon Morrison former director of Art Gallery of Ballarat

Deakin University Waterfront Exhibition Gallery, Cnr Cunningham Street and Western Beach Road, Geelong