The Geelong Bird Report 2013-2016 edition

Dear GFNC members and friends,

It gives me great pleasure to present to you the Geelong Bird Report 2013-2016.

It is the culmination of many years of work bringing together over 300 000 observations of more than 300 bird species submitted by more than 600 observers in the Geelong region.

If you would like a link to download a PDF copy please contact the Geelong Field Naturalists Club at

We are currently taking orders for print copies, 550pp, with all maps in full colour at $65 per copy and again please contact us at


There are many new aspects to this edition. To name a few, it is made available to everyone as a PDF, there is a front cover with colour images of a young male Australian Little Bittern and a juvenile Pacific Koel, two very important birds over the period 2013-2016, and there are wonderful seasonal distribution maps and seasonal frequency charts and details of high numbers of birds, interesting behaviour and all breeding behaviour.

There are many people to thank but, in particular, I wish to acknowledge and thank Richard Alcorn for his data management and skill with producing the maps and charts, they add an indispensable facet to this publication, and it was a real thrill to work with Richard on this project.

And sincere thanks to all who contributed records, long may this continue.

Finally, I commend this Geelong Bird Report to you and sincerely encourage you to delve into it, use it, time and time again to learn more about the fascinating birds of the Geelong region. Maybe it might even inspire your next birding trip.


Best wishes Craig,

Craig Morley

Geelong Bird Report Editor


Geelong Field Naturalists Club