'Dig a Little Deeper'

Sunday February 11:   Our Multicultural Garden
Since the 1850’s Geelong Botanic Gardens has displayed a rich and diverse collection of plants.  Our first Curator Daniel Bunce introduced exotic and Australian plants and this practice continues today.

Sunday March 11:   Brilliant Borders, Perennial and Silver
The Silver and Perennial Borders are at their best in autumn, and among their collections we can find stunning choices for home garden design.

Sunday April 8:   Seeds; From Little Seeds, Great Things Grow
Life itself is concentrated in a seed. Explore the world of seeds with your GBG guide and discover some of the fascinating methods plants use to disperse their seeds.

Sunday May 13:   The First Australians; Wathaurong Country
What happened when Europeans arrived in Wathaurong country? Find out how our first peoples lived, see the plants they used and hear how white immigration affected their lives and culture. Join your guide at the front gate of Geelong Botanic Gardens.

Sunday June 10:   Spices Tastes and Flavours

Sunday July 8:  A Walk in Eastern Park. Special invitation to FGBG members to lunch in EP the Walk 

Sunday September 9: Plants from China   

Sunday October 14:  Australian Plant at the Geelong Botanic Gardens 

Sunday November 11: Roses: Of love and war

Sunday December 9: More Australian Plants                                                                                                                                                                



These Special Interest Themed Walks are offered each month, usually on the second Sunday, commencing at 2.00 pm, weather permitting.

Meet your Volunteer Guide on the front steps of the Botanic Gardens. 

Gold coin donation.