Children and Families

Visiting the Geelong Botanic Gardens with children? There is more to do here than to admire the roses and eat an ice cream.

Self guided trails for Children and Families

This picture trail can be down-loaded, to guide you through the Gardens

The Last Dragon is a picture trail of 11 images. Counting the objects shown in each picture will give you the numbers 1 to 10, but one image is missing. Turn over to find out why we have a Dragon's Blood Tree, but no dragon.

Family Discovery Program

Family Discovery Programs run on selected days during school holidays. Visit the GBG website or our What's On page for details.

Other activities for Children in and around the Geelong Botanic Gardens

Collect fallen leaves and flowers. Children are welcome to pick up fallen material from the paths or lawns. Please do not pick plants or walk on the gardens beds.

Smell the roses - and other plants. Many of our plants have aromatic leaves.

Visit the Play Space. This all-abilities playground is to the north of the main entrance to the Gardens. You will also find picnic tables, BBQs and toilets in the vicinity.


Alfresco Library

During the summer School Holiday Program at the Gardens, our Volunteer Guides enjoyed many sessions of story-telling with young families.  These sessions were held most mornings and were very popular, capturing the imagination of everyone involved.


Because of its success, an Alfresco Library has been set up with hundreds of donated books, for children of all ages.  These books have been prepared by our volunteers and GBG staff and are available for visitors to enjoy while they visit the Gardens. Ask about the Library at the Tea House; it may be stored there, or in the Cabmen's Shelter.