2021 Classes


SATURDAY CLASS - John Pastoriza Pinol: Saturdays 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Advanced to Semi-Professional Botanic Art. Structured, fast-paced classes. Master class teaching methods suitable for experienced and advanced students.
Materials List
$410 members or $440 non-members

Feb 6, 20

March 13, 27

April 10


TUESDAY CLASS - Amanda Ahmed Drawing I and II: Fortnightly Tuesday  9.30 am - 4.30 pm

This is a structured class suitable for beginners to intermediate.  Those new to the class will learn the basics of botanical drawing incorporating form, tone, different mark making techniques, understanding some of the basic geometric shapes found in nature and translating them into your drawings.  Those with more experience will learn the different techniques for drawing with coloured pencils and basic colour theory.  The focus on both levels will be on observational drawing from life to achieve realistic renderings of botanical subjects.  This class is presented in a friendly and supportive environment and is for those who have completed some level of introduction to Botanical Art or for those wanting to develop and/or revisit their drawing skills

Class Outline and Materials List

$400 members or $430 non-members

February 2, 16

March 2, 16, 30







TUESDAY CLASS  - Amanda Blake-Sutterby: Fortnightly Tuesday  9.30 am - 4.30 pm
Beginners to Intermediate Botanic Art. Person-Centred tutoring, predominantly focusing on watercolour painting. Personal choice of subject matter is encouraged.
Class Outline  Materials List
$390 members or $420 non-members

February 9, 23

March 9, 23

April 6 (this Tuesday follows Easter and is not Public Holiday)



FRIDAY CLASS - Craig Lidgerwood: fortnightly 9.30 am– 4.30 pm
Beginners Botanic Art
Structured classes are suitable for beginners. Teaching the basics of botanical art including drawing to composition, painting techniques and introduction to colour theory.
Class Outline  Materials List
$390 members or $420 non-members

February 5, 19

March 5, 19, 26